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     Unique Features

  • HDMI output

  • Detachable Hard Drive (Supports up to 2TB)

  • 500GB Hard Drive provided with plays 55,000 songs of different languages. (9,000 English; 2,100 Philippine and etc..)

  • Supports USB/SD Card (Up to 32 GB)

  • Can COPY/RIP All your songs in DVD, VCD, CD+G and MP3+G discs or in USB/SD Card to the Hard Drive at a SUPER FAST SPEED. (Copy One Song in less than a minute ! No computer work needed !)

  • See Yourself on TV While You Sing.

  • Newly-added songs, together with songs already in the Hard drive, will be RE-ARRANGED AUTOMATICALLY in Alphabetical Order,in a NEW SONG LIST, ready to print.

  • SONG  SEARCH by Song List, Alphabetical Order, Singers’ Names, Pop-up Songs & Initial Letters of the Song.

  • Complete Karaoke Functions.

  • Background Videos (4 Built-in and 4 of Your Own)

  • Greeting Message Display (Great feature at Parties).

  • Song Beat Guide Display (Help to follow Rhythm in Singing)

  • Best use for Home, DJ and Professional Singers !