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    Unique Features:

  • Built – in with Bluetooth (Perform outdoor singing with music from your smartphone, i-Pad or  PC via Bluetooth)

  • 2 Mic Inputs, High quality Echo Adjustment

  • Audio Input (Line in for any external player)

  • Guitar Input

  • Support USB and SD Card (up to 32GB) for your MP3 music.

  • Bass and treble separate controls

  • Rechargeable battery (for 6 hours after fully charged)

    Technical Information


    If you have watched my last Episode #10, you will know what your Karaoke Sound System should be. If you have missed it, please go back and watch it.

    In this Episode, I will talk about Portable Karaoke Sound System. I will emphasize on the word “Portable”.

    “Portable” does not simply mean mobile or movable. It means it can be operated on    AC and DC, 220 and 110 voltages. The Battery is rechargeable and after fully charged, it can be used at least for 6 hrs.

    To use a “Portable Karaoke Machine” as a companion, you will have a perfect Portable Karaoke System for you to sing or perform singing, indoor or outdoor!