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Product  Description


            The machine you purchased before is most probably a “Disc” machine. Songs on the disc are “compressed” and in playing out, we need a software program in the Main Board to decode the Audio/Video signals. Therefore, we cannot change, add or delete any song already compressed on a disc. If we had to change the songs on the disc to make a new disc, it means that we have to design a new model !

            Besides, the Memory Storage of a ‘Disc’ is 4.7 GB only and so, very limited quantity of songs can be compressed therein.

            As technology advances, all Memory Storage Devices go digital ! Machines of the future are designed to use SD Card and USB, each up to 128GB (27 times more than a Disc !) and if necessary, can be extended to an External Hard Drive of 2TB. Hence, “Disc” and also “Magic Mic Chips” are obsolete!

            For the New Year 2017, our new Karaoke Machines are designed with songs of your own language only in a Card. All the songs in Card are organized to show up in a Smart SONG SEARCH MENU. You can search your desired song by Song No. with the SONG BOOK, by Alphabetical Order of the Song Title or Singer, or simply by Typing the Initial Letter of each word (Get your song in less than 1 sec!) with our Newly-developed Key-board Type Remote. (Numbers and Letters are separate and individually controlled !)

            No matter how many songs are now in the Card, there bound to be some of your favorites not there, particularly, the New Releases. No worry! You just download them, save them in the USB and play. They will share the same SONG SEARCH MENU.

            New models 2017/8 are now your “Special Machine-in-Card” with songs of your language only, no other languages ! So, if you are a Philippine Singer, you have “Philippine Special Machine”, if you just sing English, you have “English Special Machine”, if you are a Hindi Singer, you have “Hindi Special Machine” and so on !


Unique Features


  • HDMI output

  • Compatiable formats: Midi, MP3+G, CD+G, AVI, MPG, DAT, DVD, VCD, CD, MP3 and JPEG

  • Can play 36,000 High-Sound Midi songs of different languages in an SD Card of 32GB (provided with Midi song book). Your language options of:-

    • English Only

    • English + Philippine + Spanish

    • English + Vietnamese + Chinese

    • English + Hindi

  • Easy song search with On-Screen Song Search Menu:-

    • By Song No

    • By Song Title (Just type Initial Letter of each word)

    • By Singer’s Name (Just type Initial Letter of each word)

    • By Language, Alphabet, Page

  • Support 2TB USB, External Hard Drive

  • Support 128GB SD Card

  • Record Singing with Midi into USB

  • Vocal On/Off for Vocal and MTV songs

  • Scoring and Ranking Display after singing

  • Song program up to 99 songs in queue, 1st Song Reservation

  • Favorite song folders for 10 groups and each holds 50 songs, Total 500 songs

  • 2 Mic Inputs with High Quality Echo and Mic Volume Controls

  • Key and Male/Female Key Controls

  • Tempo Controls (For Midi Only)

  • Melody On/Off

  • Repeat (Random, One, All, Off) Control

  • Replay function

  • Lyric On/Off with Midi songs

  • Lyrics (Lyrics scroll) color Change