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Product   Description


1. Video Monitor (14”), Karaoke Machine, Amp / Speakers (good for 700 square feet) and Wireless Mic (UHF Frequency) – All integrated as one system ! No Wire Connection required at all !

2. Rechargeable battery, Global Voltage, External power input (perfect outdoor use !)

3. Complete Karaoke Functions, including Echo adjustment, Mic volume, Music volume, Multiplex function, Bass / Treble control.

4. Sing your favorite songs with music sources:-

  • Play out from USB (support up to 64GB) and TF Card (up to 64GB) MP4 songs downloaded

  • From your smart Phone, I-Pad and PC via Bluetooth pairing

  • From external player i.e. K-Pad via A/V input

  • From Android Smart Phone via Phone Screen Sharing

5. Recommended uses:-

  • Replace Magic Mic as a handy and convenient singing machine

  • For Outdoor performance, singing and line dancing

  • As a PA system,

  • As a Teaching aid in class

  • As an entertainment equipment in the Elderly Homes

6. Two models to choose, one as Trolley Type and the other Hand-carry. Both can be supported on a 360° Rotating Tripod (Optional).