If you want to sing or want to set up your Karaoke System

Do you know what you need?


A “Sound System” consists of an Amplifier and Speakers of matching power. Basic requirements for a sound system designed for singing are:

  1. Built-in with Mic Inputs
  2. Built-in with Echo adjustments (Reverberation)
  3. Treble and Bass separate controls
  4. Music Key Control
  5. Music Audio Inputs (RCA, Optical and Bluetooth to pair to music from different sources)
  6. Supreme Sound Quality (Treble is Clean and ClearBass is Solid and Powerful)

With these requirements such is called “Karaoke Sound System”.

It can also be built-in with Rechargeable Lithium Battery and Ultra High Frequencies for Wireless Microphone, it is then a Portable Amp/Speaker.

Choose your Karaoke Sound System with your ears! Listening is Believing!

Our recommended Models are KA-2023 B and PAS-2023