How did we start our business?

      Most Probably, we are the first Karaoke store of its kind, ever established in Canada. When I first came to Canada in the year 1989, I said to myself I had to do something, special and unique, and at the same time, could bring happiness to myself and others. I thought of singing ! But, could singing be a business?

      At that time, Hong Kong people’s daily-life entertainment was at a change from billiard to “Karaoke”. Singing was no longer a prerogative of the Pro! VCR was the player, VHS Tape was the format. People added in an “Echo Mixer” with mic inputs between their home stereo and the VCR to do their Karaoke. Nobody in Canada had ever heard of the word “Karaoke”. It was a strange pronunciation, a vocabulary not found in the Oxford’s or Webster’s Dictionary.

      “Ok. Let me introduce ‘Karaoke’ to Canada. It surely will be a lucrative market” I said to myself. I had never sung a song before, so I started to learn and practise 5 songs every day, the first one being “Love Me Tender”.

      I then started a market survey, introducing Karaoke with the first “Mini Karaoke Mixer” in a small booth rented in a flea market, located in Warden Ave / Lawrence Ave, Toronto. With my utmost courage, I sang in front of the public, first time in my life. What happened? A Chinese guy singing Elvis’s song attracted nothing but strange and puzzled eyes with a little politeness – applause! I did not sell anything!

      I did the same thing the next Saturday flea market day, singing of course the same song “Love Me Tender”. I attracted this time a senior lady, presenting to me a bouquet of flower. No “Mixer” sold again!

      Later on, I learned that the market-goers thought I was employed by the Flea Market Management to do “Pre recorded” singing entertainment.

      On the next market day, I asked a friend of mine to distribute flyers to the on-lookers, clearly illustrating the features of the “Mixer” and what/how exactly I was doing! Still, no result!

      I kept on singing and giving out flyers. Until one Saturday, when I was singing, my microphone was abruptly robbed away by a young lady and she started to sing. After singing, she decided to buy a unit. My first sale!!

      O, my lady customer came back the next Saturday and bought 10 units. My first Agent!!

      This result was really encouraging and prompted me to establish a Karaoke store at this same location, 4559 Sheppard Ave, E Scarborough, Ontario, and later expanded, occupying almost 5,000 square feet in total.

      Home Karaoke Ltd. is a Canadian Corporation. It was incorporated on 30 April, 1991 with Ontario Registration No: 940860.

      We are the designer, importer, distributor, wholesaler as well as retailer of a complete range of Karaoke products, including Midi DVD, DVD, VCD, CDG and Hard Drive Karaoke Machines, Corded Microphones, Wireless Microphones, Karaoke Sound Systems, Karaoke Accessories and so on.

      We are not a electrical shop; we are a ONE-STOP Karaoke Store. Our objective is to provide singing enjoyment to home. Therefore, we carry, as far as possible, the largest selection of songs available in the two popular Karaoke formats, i.e. VCD and CDG as well as the latest format MP3+G.

      Over the past 26 years, we had organized a Grand Singing Contest and Five Singing Shows for our Members, as a token of appreciation for their support, loyalty and devotion.

      Also, over these years, we took pride in the research and development of new and high-tech Karaoke Machine every 2-3 years, to keep up with time, maintaining the Pioneer status in the Karaoke industry. The latest model is the Professional High Sound Midi in Card Karaoke Machine (SK-2017/8).

      As of to-day, we are still striving hard to produce different models to suit different customers’ needs, like the Portable K-Pad Karaoke Machine.

      We will continue to allow members to upgrade their machines and to provide happiness and enjoyment to Canadian homes.