Simply, in the Trade-up, you surrender your old machine (obsolete model, broken or not, out of warranty or not, used a lot or not been used at all ) and we give you the latest machine, brand new, direct from the factory and with one year warranty, you just pay the difference between the Regular Sales Price of the new machine and a “Buy Back Assigned Value, $200” of your old machine.


      Karaoke Singing Products (Karaoke Machines, Microphones and Sound Systems etc.) are electronic and partying products. For hygienic and electronic safety reasons, we do not sell used products. Unless otherwise stated, we guarantee customers buying from us are brand new products, direct from manufacturers.

      For hygienic reasons, microphones and other mobile devices are absolutely NOT subject to return and warranty.

     Software program, song card and music quality and gift items are not subject to warranty, too. All warranties are valid to original purchasers only and subject to proof of purchase.

    A “Package” is offered as one integral product at our lowest discounted price for each unit bundled. Packages are NOT subject to return either in whole or in part. Only is special circumstances, customers may be allowed to return, subject to a maximum refund of 60% of the current sales price of that unit.   

      Karaoke Singing Products are Demonstration Products. Customers are asked to insist complete and satisfactory demonstration before making a design to buy.

      On-line shoppers are advised to see Demo Videos on site: karaokeshopping.com before placing an order.


      Within 7 days from the Date of Purchase, only if the product is found with the manufacturer’s defects, customers may ask for a full refund or a new replacement. Without any manufacturer’s defect found, customers may NOT return the product. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Only in very exceptional case, customers may be allowed to return the product but subject to a minimum 40% restocking charge. Customers are required to pay the shipping cost for return of goods.


      Within 7 days from the Date of Purchase, customers may ask for an exchange of products. Exchange is allowed only to a higher model with a higher price. In this case, customers will be required to pay the balance.


      After 7 days from the Date of Purchase, there will be NO RETURN, NO EXCHANGE. Any manufacturer’s defects found will be subject to our One-Year Warranty, FREE repairing service, parts and labour.

       Any attempt to repair the product, any alteration, abuse, misuse or accidental damage voids the warranty.


      We are sorry we have to impose a 40% restocking charge on any product to be returned for whatever reason, if NOT  found any manufacturer’s defect. “Manufacturer’s Defect” means “The product is Not Functioning. ATTENTION: Music quality is not to be considered for “Manufacturer’s Defects“.

      The reason why we have this policy is, (WE DON’T MEAN YOU), there are customers, instead of paying a rental fee, they buy it first, keep it under their procession for a few days and then return it to us with a reason then can think of.

       That is why, we insist upon customers’ satisfaction on our product, through demonstration in store or Demo Video on site before they decide to purchase. Hence, the sale is final!

      The restocking fee levied is to cover our wrapping service afterwards, shipping fee for returning the product back to factory, service fee to the credit card company and other administration fees.

      The policy is purchased to ensure that products sold to customers like you, are brand new, direct from the factory.

      We don’t sell used product or open-box product to our customers, unless declared beforehand.

We appreciate your understanding!