First, you need a Karaoke Machine that can play your songs of different formats in a disc, in USB or in SD Card, with a Smart Song Search Menu to select your song, and be able to add in new songs. It is not a player, it is a player built in with Karaoke Functions, like echo adjustment, MPX, Key Control and of course, Mic Inputs.

We have designed all kinds of Karaoke Machines, Portable, all – in – one, Multi – format, High – sound Midi and also Touch Screen.

Choose the one suitable to your need.

Then what? You need a Karaoke Sound System. A sound system consists of an amplifier with speakers of compatible handling power. Choose the one with total power output suitable to your singing area, indoor or outdoor and with strong and solid bass, clean and clear treble. Please note Bluetooth function is now a standard feature for any Karaoke Sound System.

Again, choose the one suitable to your need.

What else you need? Microphones! Well, you may choose to have Corded Mic or Wireless Mic.

For Corded Mic, you should need a better pick-up head, dynamic and unidirectional and better still, with an locking device for the Mic Cable.

For Wireless Mic, you should need a UHF Frequency, Mute on – off device to avoid feedback, and with 2000 frequencies to be selected for use.

Again, choose the one you need and also compatible to the power of your Amplifier.

Some of you may not like wire connection. You just want a simple one. Then, you need an all – in – one system, including a Video Monitor, Wireless Mic and Amp/Speaker. This one should be portable and run on rechargeable battery. Look for this one in this site !

Finally, you need Karaoke Music. For Karaoke Songs, there are Vocal MPX Track and Performance Sound Track. In other words, the songs you want may be available in different formats, AVI, VCD, MP3+G etc. Therefore, you must get your favorite songs in the right format and can be played out by your Karaoke Machine. For further information regarding Karaoke songs, call us 416-291-3121

So, if you want to sing, please browse through our site to look for the right model you want.

As Karaoke Products are Demonstration Products, for each model we introduce in the site, we have the image of the product, a text passage to describe its detail features, and most important of all, there is a Demonstration Video! Please watch!

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