Karaoke Tips (Things you should know!)

Setting up a Karaoke System


A “KARAOKE SYSTEM” is considered as an integrated body of 3 inter-related component parts:



a) Music Format (Music are recorded/stored in Disc, Song Chip, Memory Card, USB or HDD)

b) Music Language in different Karaoke Formats.

c) Music Source (Music played out from a Karaoke Machine, TV Youtube, Phone, or I-Pad).

KARAOKE SOUND SYSTEM (It is the Key component of the System)

a) Basic Requirements for a Sound System for singing.

(Built-in with 2 Mic Inputs, Echo Adjustment, Key Control, Bluetooth, Treble/Bass separate control, Music and Vocal volume separate control, Audio RCA Inputs/Outputs and Digital Optical/Coaxial Inputs)

b) Sound Quality (To Listen! Listening is Believing!)

The Treble should be Clean and Clear while the Bass should be Solid and Powerful.

c) How different are the sounds (Treble and Bass) played out from your TV, Phone, computer or your “Receiver” (5.1 Surround)?

d) Different kinds of Karaoke Sound Systems (For home use, for Professional on-stage use, for indoor and also outdoor use)

MICROPHONE (Corded or Wireless)

a) Function of a Microphone (Pick up vocal and transmit it to the Amplifier via Mic Input)

b) Corded Mic transmits vocal signals through cord while Wireless Mic through RF Frequencies (UHF) in the air

c) Relationship between Mic and Amp (Can the MIC withstand the power of the Amp?)

d) Corded Mic should have “Locking Device” and the wire filled full with 100% copper

e) Wireless Mic in a system with selectable Frequencies

f) Wireless Mic – Frequencies paired and crystal locked

g) Wireless Mic Frequency Receiver can be portable