“Karaoke” is a Japanese word. In fact, there are two words in one; “Kara” and “Oke”. “Kara” in Japanese means “empty” or “invisible”. It means that it is there although you don’t see it. “Oke” is a borrowed English, from the word “Orchestra”.

          “Karaoke” therefore means “Invisible Orchestra”.

          Singing Karaoke is to sing with full orchestra backup or to sing along with music accomplishment.

          Everyone, irrespective of age, sex, race, or religion, loves to sing because singing is a therapy, is a release of tension and is an expression of one’s sentiments. He who doesn’t want to sing is because he is afraid of forgetting the lyrics or singing out of tune.

          Now, for Karaoke singing, you hear the music together with the changing color of the lyrics to guide you the beat and the rhythm as you sing along. You are more confident and will love to perform in Karaoke singing!