We have stopped selling Magic Mic Chips and Magic Mic already because……

  1. The storage of Magic Mic Chip is limited. It can only store about 200 songs per chip.

  2. You cannot add in your new songs into the chip. You will keep on spending money to buy chips. Normally about $100 a chip.

  3. The Magic Mic is not operated on Rechargeable Battery. It cannot be used on the beach, in the park where there is no AC power supply.

THAT IS WHY  we have replaced it by the Portable Karaoke Machine, Called K-Pad.


The important features of the K-Pad are:-

  1. Operated on Rechargeable Battery ( Truly PORTABLE ). After fully charged, it can be used outdoor, POWER CORD FREE, for apprx. 4 hrs. 

  2. Already comes with an SD Card of 32GB recorded with 23000 songs and a song book .

  3. New songs are no longer available in disc, but in Memory Card or USB now. Download your new songs in USB or SD Card and play it in the K-Pad. 

    (In the case of K-Pad G, Newly-added songs will share the same SSM)

  4. It comes with a Newly-designed Keyboard-Type Remote for easy key-in alphabets in the search of your song.