Midi Music is a kind of Karaoke format in which each song or sound track is remade with a special software and to be played out with a rotating video footage as a background.

Midi Music occupies very little memory space so a DVD disc of 4.8 GB can be recorded as many as 40,000 songs or more.

Midi Music is often used for Jukebox partying machine. You can easily select your song just by pressing the song number, with no need to change discs at the party.

Midi Music software offers a lot of party-fun features, like “see yourself on TV while you sing”, “give you a score after you sing”, “different video backgrounds for you to choose” etc.

There are basically two kinds of Midi Music. One is low sound quality with limited memory space. Therefore, not too many sound tracks, particularly vocal tracks, can be recorded and you cannot expect the music quality to be fully instrumental. The other is high sound quality in which the music quality is reasonably good and more songs with vocal can be recorded.