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Product Description

SmartAmp is Home Karaoke’s innovated design of a Karaoke system. It’s more than an Amp! It’s built – in with Bluetooth, Audio Input, USB, SD Card, 2 Mic Inputs, Echo and other karaoke functions.


     Unique Features

  • It’s a 2.1 Stereo Amplifier/Speaker/Subwoofer.
  • You can sing along with Music from an external karaoke machine,from USB/SD card downloaded from the Internet and even from your smartphone via Bluetooth or NFC! 
  • Remote controller
  • Two colours (Gold and Black) to choose.
  • Good for a singing area of approx. 650 sq.ft.

  Technical Information

A Sound System consists of an Amplifier which receives, amplifies and converts the audio signals into analogy to the Speakers. So, we can hear the sound from the Speakers.

History of Audio Equipment

In the old days, such audio equipment is generally called “Receiver”, and later on developed as “Home Theatre”, “Surround with 7.1 Speakers” and recently the “Sound bar”. They are basically designed for us to enjoy watching movies or listening to music, as a home entertainment unit.

Such Sound System is not designed for singing! Simple enough to understand, there is no Microphone input in the Receiver. If you want to sing, you need an Echo Mixer. This is a subject of discussion in one of my previous Episodes.

Selection of your right Amplifier

To select a suitable Sound System for your Karaoke, you need to consider two factors; the Power Output and the Quality of Sound. Technically, there are 2 power output measurements “Root Mean Square RMS Watts” which means the continuous power output produced by the Amplifier over a period of time and the “PMPO Watts” which stands for the “Peak Music Power Output”. For singing, we should be looking at the PMPO Watts. However, as a consumer, these technical no. of watts will not be helpful for us to choose our Amplifier. In fact, the choice of your suitable Amplifier depends very much on your singing area. It is definitely no good to have a very Powerful Amp to sing in a small room.

The second factor is the sound quality which is judged by the two musical tones, the “bass” or the “low note” and the “treble” or the “high note”. “Bass” and “Treble” are important in singing a song vs in watching a movie! Watching a movie, the Sound System and the TV sound have no bass but when we sing a song, there are low and high notes in the music. So, for quality’s sake, listen to the sound to see whether the “Treble” is clean and clear while the “Bass” is solid and powerful. Listening is believing!

Relationship between Amplifier and Speakers

Finally, I wish to talk about the relationship between the Amplifier and the Speakers. Amplifier is the “Push” whereas the Speakers are the “Handling” in terms of Power. For example, the Amplifier is a big boy and the Speaker is a small child. In such design, the speakers will be cracked in no time. On the other hand, if a small child is pushing a big boy, the Amplifier will soon be overheated and breakdown. So, a good design of Sound System should consist of an Amplifier with speakers of compatible power.

Sound System for watching movies and for Singing

For watching movies, the Sound System should be “surround” with many speakers for a real scene effect but for singing, you need a Mono or 2.1 Stereo sound output i.e. two Speakers, the left and the right.

Karaoke Sound System

To sum up my Episode, a Karaoke Sound System suitable to you is that the Power Output should be right and suitable for your singing area, stereo 2.1, built-in Microphone Input and Echo Adjustment. Nowadays, Bluetooth is also built-in!