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  • Definition of a “Karaoke System”

A Karaoke System consists of 3 parts, namely:

  1. 1. A “Karaoke Machine” to save, to search and to play songs of your language,
  2. 2. A “Karaoke Sound System” of adequate power out suitable to your singing venue with quality bass/treble sound, built in with microphone inputs, and echo adjustment and
  3. 3. Wireless microphone system or corded microphones.


  • Product Description of PSSK-2021

PSSK-2021 is a complete Karaoke Machine and so, it is nicknamed “Lazy Karaoke Machine”, as the 3 parts are integrated as one piece – No wiring connection is required. It is portable, as it can be operated AC and DC, indoor and outdoor use.

But, where is the music? Your favorite music can be downloaded from YouTube, saved in a USB and play in this machine. Music can also be saved in your phone, I-pad and paired via Bluetooth in this machine and play.

Karaoke functions include 2 wireless mic, 1 corded mic, echo, bass/treble, music control etc.


  • Operation with Remote Control (To sing with music from different sources)
  1. Music from your phone or I-Pad (Select “Bluetooth” to play)

On the first page, go to “Bluetooth” click it with the remote. Pair you phone, or I-pad to the machine. Select your music from your phone and play. Music volume can be adjusted from your phone.

  1. Music from an “external player” (Select A/V input to play)

Connect “audio output” from your external player e.g. K-Pad to the “A/V input” of this machine. Play your music from your external machine and sing!

  1. Music from your USB

a). A/V wire should be unplugged first.

b). Insert USB and it will play automatically

c). Press “Return” to go to the song list of the songs

d). Press the song No. of the song, and press “Enter” to play


   (D) Difference between the old model PSSK-2018/9 and the new model PSSK-2021

Major differences are the old models are made of plastic, the new models are of wood for better acoustic, especially for the “bass”. The old model is built in with one Frequency and so only one wireless mic can be used. The new models are built in with 2 UHF so two wireless mic can be used, plus one more mic input for a corded mic.

Remember, this machine is portable, can be used anywhere, indoor and outdoor!