If you want to sing or want to set up your Karaoke System

Do you know what you need?


A “Microphone” is responsible to pick up and transmit the singer’s vocal signal direct to the Amplifier.

Microphones can be Corded or Cordless. The most important part of a microphone is the “Pick-up Head”. It should pick up fully and naturally your vocal, be it high or low voice.

For Corded Microphones, the wire should be 100% copper and with a “Locking Device” for the connector to fit into the mic body to avoid other noise.

For Cordless Microphone Systems, it should be operated through Ultra High Frequencies, preferably selectable, with Frequency Crystal Lock.

Before you choose a microphone, test its pick-up, operating distance (for Cordless Microphone) and ability to withhold any power amplifier.

Recommended Models are PM-2023, HKWM-2023.