Instead of recording a limited no. of sound tracks on a disc, (a disc can be easily damaged), all music are now stored in the Hard Drive. In this Hard Drive of 500 GB, our karaoke software program written by our Engineers in Korea and all the songs that we had before are now stored in this Hard Drive, up to about 60,000 songs with a song book.

  You cannot add in new songs to a disc! But, in this Hard Drive, there is still space for you to add in another 70,000 songs.

  Add-in a song to the Hard Drive is easy with this machine now. If you have karaoke discs now or your friends may have discs, just borrow all their discs, you put the disc here, select the sound track, or select all tracks in the disc, JUST press “COPY” and the song will be copied into your Hard Drive in a minute! One song per minute! As I said, nobody makes discs. Even Sam the Record Man was closed now. So, all new songs are available from the internet. All new songs are now downloaded to a USB and you insert the USB here and copy them right into your Hard Drive!

  Yes! Copying a song to the Hard Drive is easy. But, how can we retrieve the song? Well, our software program enables the machine to assign a song no. to the song you copy. Just remember the song no. and next time, when you want that song, you just press that song no. and the song will come out. To get back the song by the song title or by the sing will be better, right? However, no machine in the world is able to recognize the name of the song or the singer’s name you add in. Therefore, before you copy a song, key in the song title and artist’s name first before you press “COPY”. Next time, when you want to get back the song by song title, you just search by song. Say, if you want to get back the song, “Love Me Tender”, all you need is to type the initial letters of each word, “LMT” and the song will come out right away.

  Then, trouble comes. By the time you type in a 100 songs with the Standard Remote like this one, you will get a pain in your wrist, like my boss did! So this year, we develop a new wireless Key-type Remote, like this. All the functions can now be operated with this Remote. Just type in your commands. It is a very unique and advance karaoke remote!

  How this HDD Karaoke Machine operates ?

  When you turn on the machine, you see a loading line on the screen. It’s now loading.

  Now, let’s go to the “Top Menu”

  You see 4 Function Icons.

  This one is the Hard Drive Icon. If we enter this Icon, it means we are playing all the data in the Hard Drive.

  If we move the Icon to the next one, that is “Media Play” and enter, it means we are playing data in USB or Card to the Hard Drive.

  The next Function Icon is “Set up” for you to set up your machine.

  Now let’s go back to HDD function. Press “Song List”, you will see the first song folder, which is English. Moving to the next is “Philippine Folder” and so on.

  It is now on “Title” or Alphabetical song search. Press “LMT”, you will get “Love Me Tender”.