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     Unique Features

    • HDMI Output
    • Play DVD, VCD, CD+G, MP3+G Discs
    • Supported Media Formats: MP3+G, CD+G, AVI, WMA, VOB, DAT, MPG, OGG, DVD, VCD, CD, MP3, JPEG
    • Support 2TB USB, External Hard Drive
    • Support 128GB SD Card
    • Smart SONG SEARCH MENU (SSM) for your music. Quick access to selected song:-
      • By Song No
      • By Song Title (Just type Initial Letter of each word)
      • By Singer’s Name (Just type Initial Letter of each word)
    • Song List Creation after addition & Deletion of songs, for printing your own SONG BOOK
    • Disc Ripping from CD+G/MP3+G to USB
    • Recording with CD+G/MP3+G music into USB/SD Card at MP3+G format
    • Recording with VCD background music into USB/SD Card at MP3 format
    • Song Programming for playback
    • Scoring after singing

      Technical Information


From the previous Episodes, we know what a Player is! A Player can be a VHS Player, a Laser Disc Player or a DVD Player.

Irrespective of what media format the Player is, your suitable Player should be able to play music of your language and be able to add in new song and delete songs. Because nowadays, thousands of songs can be stored in a digital storage device e.g. HDD, SD Card or USB, the Player must be written a “Search Engine” Menu to facilitate quick and direct access to a selected song. Since a Player is not built-in with any Mic Input and singing functions, you cannot do your Karaoke without connecting it to an equipment with Mic inputs, Echo Mixer or an Equalizer.

So, a “Karaoke Machine” is developed. It is a Player, playing out your Karaoke Songs of your preferred format, like DVD, VCD, CD+G, MP3+G or Midi! Most important of all, this Player is built-in with the essential Karaoke Functions or singing functions.

Basically, these Karaoke Functions include 2 Mic Inputs, to make sure two can sing a Duet or one can sing as a back-up singer, Echo Adjustment to help singers to sing “better”, Key Control to help singer to sing with the Key suitable to his pitch, Multiplex to help singer to sing together with a demo vocal and to sing without the vocal and “Music Volume Control” to make sure the vocal and music are compatibly mixed to achieve the best result in a right volume output.

Other amazing features in a Karaoke Machine include “Scoring” (after singing a song, you have a score), Recording your song in MP3 format etc.

Such is called a “Karaoke Machine”, as different from what we say, a “Karaoke Player”!