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         Unique Features


  • Thicker Mic Cord for full transmission of vocal signal
  • Comes with the special Mic Wire with Locking Device
  • Aluminium elegant box
  • Three colours: gold, silver & black
  • Perfect Gift for Karaoke Lovers

    Technical  Information


    “Microphone” can be a “Corded Microphone” or a “Cordless Microphone”. Corded Microphone is operated direct by means of a transmission wire whereas Wireless Mic is operated through Frequencies in the air.

    Structure and operation of a corded Mic

    In this Episode, we talk about “Corded Mic”. A corded Microphone consists of 3 parts, the Pick-up Head, the Body and the Cord. The Mic pick-up is covered by a round wire head or flat wire head. The body can be of different shapes and sizes. The Mic cable can be of full or less copper for the purpose of quality grade. The Pick-up Head picks up your vocal signal, pass it through the circuit board in the body, and transmit it through copper wire to the Mic input for voice.

    What is a good corded Mic

    Technically, we talk about the Frequency Response, normally from 50HZ to 15KHZ, its Sensitivity and Output Impedence. That is too technical to understand. All we should know what a good mic is, when you sing a high note, place the mic a little away from your mouth and your vocal can still be picked up. When you sing low, you place the mic closer to your mouth and you would not create a buffer voice.

    Samples of Corded Mic

    Now, let me show you all different kinds of Corded Mic. They are in different shapes, sizes, and different colours, white, black, silver and gold. And, this classic standing mic, too!

    How about this tiny one. I call it baby mic. It is only 10cm long but it can work just like the others.

    Locking Device Cable

    One thing I wish to highlight is that as the body can be of different shapes, the connecting part with the cable which is universally 3 pin, may create a little vacuum gap here. So when the singer sings and moves, it generates a little alien noise. So, you should be looking for a Mic cord with a locking device. You just push in the cord to the body and with a locking device, lock it tight and right. Also, the Pick-up Head should be an enlarged one, ensuring it picks up fully and naturally your vocal only. It is called Dynamic and Unidirectional!

    How to protect your Mic

    To protect a Mic, don’t let it lie on the table. Use the desk stand or the floor stand with a heavy duty clip. Use a Mic cover, too! It also as a helmet with a cushion effect to protect the Mic head, in case you drop it on the floor. For hygienic purpose, you may wash it and dry it and reuse it.

    Well, in the next Episode, I will talk about Microphones without Cord i.e. Cordless Mic! 

    We all know what a Karaoke System is now! One of the components of a Karaoke System is a Microphone. Without a Microphone, you may as well sing in the shower!