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   Features and  Functions

  • A total of 2000 selectable UHF Frequencies (740.000-820.000 MHz) Can be used in 1000 different locations simultaneously without being mutually interfered.

  • Instant  MUTE  ON/OFF helps singers to avoid feedback from speakers.

  • Transmitting power of the microphone can be adjusted Low/High to avoid feedback.

  • Crystal Lock for each synchronized Frequency (Avoid Frequency slippage).

  • When microphone is not in use  for 5 minutes, it will enter into energy-saving mode. When not in use for 15 minutes, it will be automatically powered off. 

  • Infrared (IR) Synchronization Technique for quick Frequency pairing.

  • Operating distance 300 feet.

  • LCD Screen Display with the transmitter data.

  • Professional Audio Output: Balanced XLR and Unbalanced 1/4” Jack.

  • Dual Voltage: AC110V-220V.

  • Professional Custom-Made Aluminum Case ( Optional).


Operational Manual (Front Panel)


1.Volume Adjustment

Press  ⇑   to increase and  ⇓   to decrease the volume of the microphone

2.To change Frequency

a) Press button and wait for 3 seconds until the button ● lights up and the Frequency Number on  the window screen flashing.

b) Press  ⇑ or  ⇓  to select and change a Frequency.

c) Double click the button and the IR light will lit up to red.

d) Pair the IR button of the microphone (under the Power Switch) to the IR light of the Wireless Mic  Amplifier Receiver.

e) If paired, the window will show “SYNED”.