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Unique Features


1.Advance Technology

No more disc machine. It supports memory card up to 256GB and USB up to another 256GB, whereas a disc’s data capacity is less than 5GB !

2.Five Karaoke Cards, according to language are developed. Depending on what Card you choose to play, it will be your Special Machine.

For example, if   you play Philippine Card, it will play Philippine, English and Spanish, totally 22703 songs, no other languages! It is then a

Philippine Special Machine.  And, if you play Hindi Card, it will be a Hindi Special Machine etc.

Now , let me quickly run through the quantity of songs in different languages for your information.

For English Card, there are 12231. For Philippine, there are 22703, For Vietnamese, there are 21173, For Hindi, there are 15096,

For Chinese, there are 19570.

3.Since the card can store thousands and thousands of songs, a “Search Engine Software Program” is a must, built in the machine, together with a

Key – board Remote to facilitate you to search your song in less than a second, either by title or by singer’s name.

4. One more unique feature. No matter how many songs there are in the Card, there bound to be some of your songs or my songs or the new release,

NOT there. In this case, whether you like it or not, you have to source and download it from the internet, save in the USB. And these songs will be in

an  “External Folder” arranged in Alphabetical order for you to search your song easily.