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Technical Information


PAS-2022/3 is the latest design and the best of its kind as a Professional Portable Amplifier/Speaker for singing purpose. It is a professional singing (Karaoke) equipment and is a perfect sound companion for any Karaoke Player or for music from any source.

It will be a perfect Karaoke System when connected to any of the machine/player.

It is built-in with 2 UHF Frequencies for two wireless microphones to use. There are 2 additional mic inputs for another two corded mic, so 4 of u can sing together.

It is built in with “Bluetooth”, so you can perform your singing with music in your smart phone or I-Pad.

Another Amazing feature is the Recording function. Before you start recording, insert a USB with song already here! Just Connect “Audio Out” of your player to the “Audio IN” of this speaker, press “Record” mode, plug in your mic, sing and you are recording. To stop recording, press “stop”. To playback, press “playback” button and your song will be recorded in the USB.

Complete singing features are built-in, like Echo adjustment,

Bass /Treble volume for music as well as for mic input, volume control etc.

It is AC/DC operated, so it can be used indoor and outdoor. It can be hand-carry or on trolley.  After fully changed, it can be used, power cord free, for approx 8 hours.

It is our best -sellers as the sound quality is super for singing; the Treble is clean and clear while the bass is solid and powerful! Well, listening is believing.

PAS-2022/3  is 300 Watt RMS on 15000( fifteen thousand) watt P.M.P.O.