As different from corded Mic, Wireless Microphones are without cord. When you sing with a Wireless Mic, particularly a headset wireless, you feel so free, so confident and so pro!

      Wireless Mic are operated through Frequencies in the air. In daily life use, Frequencies are of 3 bands, namely, the FM/AM, VHF and UHF. Each wireless mic is a transmitter of a Frequency and the same Frequency is built-in a Receiver. Normally, a Receiver is built-in with two different Frequencies for 2 channels (i.e. 2 wireless microphones.)

      For professional on-stage use, we developed a system, built-in with 100 UHF frequencies in one Mic and another 100 UHF frequencies in the other one. In case a Frequency is being interfered, the singer can quickly change to another by infrared selection. The show is guaranteed to go on!